Easy FQ Project - Reusable Face Wipes Tutorial & Video

Easy FQ Project - Reusable Face Wipes Tutorial & Video

Published by Louise on 2nd Jan 2024

Reusable Face Wipes Tutorial

Reusable face wipes are a great quick and easy fabric gift to make. Perfect for Birthdays or Mothers Day gifts. Great for using up left over pieces of fabrics from other projects. If you can't find towelling fabric, you can just use an old towel or cheap face flannels to cut up. Face Wipe Kits coming very soon!


Cotton Fabric

Towelling Fabric 

Pattern Pieces:

Just make your own. We used a square measuring 10cm x 10cm  but you can make them bigger or smaller or use a circle shape instead. Its completely up to you!

Cutting Out:

  • For each face wipe you need to cut one pattern piece in fabric and one in towelling

Sewing Instructions:

Pin one fabric piece and one towelling piece right sides together

Sew all around the edges leaving a 5cm opening on one side for turning out

Trim corners

Turn out, pushing corners out with the point of scissors

Press – make sure edges of opening are tucked in

Top stitch around the edges catching opening shut or sew opening shut by hand

Its really that easy! Its a great project for children or beginners to start with and it helps the planet!

Get a stack of 5 and ties them up in ribbon for a perfect little gift. Great teachers gift too. 

Check out your little 'how to' overview video!

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