Reusable Pleated Face Mask Tutorial & Video

Reusable Pleated Face Mask Tutorial & Video

Published by Louise & Rachel on 31st Mar 2022

We thought we would do a quick tutorial and video showing you how to make a reusable pleated face mask. They are really quick and easy to make and great for using up remnants of fabric. They also make great gifts. Theme the face mask to a job or special interest for a great quirky gift or make a Christmas mask! 

You Will Need:

1 FQ Cotton Fabric (Main)

1 FQ Cotton Fabric (Lining)

2 x 18cm pieces of elastic

Seam Allowance is 1cm

To Make:

Make yourself a pattern by drawing a rectangle which is 21xm x 18cm. You can make this bigger or smaller  depending on how you like the mask to fit but this size seems to work well for most adults.

Cut one rectangle from your main fabric and one from your lining fabric and cut 2 pieces of elastic 18cm long.

Place the two rectangle pieces pattern sides together and sew down both long sides using a 1cm seam allowance.

Turn the right way out and press the seams.

Turn inside out again

Place the first piece of elastic inside the short side of the mask sandwiched between the 2 pieces of fabric. The elastic ends should line up with the edge of the mask and each side should sit against the seams you have just sewn. Make sure the loop inside the mask is not twisted. Pin in place. (some people may prefer to pin and sew the elastic in place before sewing the two rectangles together but we like having the side seam to rest the elastic against - either way is fine!)

Sew along the short side of the mask using a 1cm seam allowance catching both elastic ends as you go. Don’t forget to go forward and back at the end of each seam to firmly secure.

Repeat on the other side but leave a gap in the middle of the short edge to turn the mask out the correct way.

Turn mask out through the hole so the pattern sides are showing, poke out the corners and press.

Sew up the side seam to close.

Fold over and press approx. 3cm at the top of the mask and then make a pleat (approx. 1cm) and pin in place. Make 2 further 1cm pleats and press and pin. Repeat for the other side. Check they look even and sew all around the mask (all 4 sides) securing the pleats in place as you sew. Be careful to remove the pins as you go.

You are finished! Try on your mask for size. You can alter both the size of the original pattern or the length of the elastic to suit. You can also make the elastic longer and use mask toggles to ensure a perfect fit fit.

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We have done a quick overview video showing you how its done. Check out our other videos on our You Tube Channel

Happy Mask Making!

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