Pattern Storage Envelopes from Patterntrace

Pattern Storage Envelopes from Patterntrace

Posted by Rachel on 21st Jan 2020

Check out these great new Pattern Storage Envelopes from Patterntrace. I asked Rachel to try them out for me as she actually makes things (hangs head in shame!) and she has blogged about her thoughts below...

I think the storage envelopes are great. They are slightly bigger than A4, made from strong brown paper and have a side gusset so there is plenty of room for lots of pattern pieces, instruction booklets etc.

I have recently bought a few downloadable PDF patterns and they are great to store these. There is a space on the envelope for the pattern artwork so I printed the illustration from the pattern at 50% size and stuck it there.

I also often trace the size pattern I want to use from multi sized patterns keeping the original as a master copy. These envelopes are plenty big enough to store the original pattern envelope and pattern plus the copied versions. Again I photocopied the artwork and stuck it on the front.

There is also a 'makers notes' section where you can record all sorts of useful information.

They are so much better than the plastic open sided folders I was using previously. Stuff was always slipping out of the side and there was nowhere to make notes easily.

Plus I think they look good too! You can find the pattern storage envelopes we tried over at Patterntrace. They sell lots of other fab dressmaking and sewing things. Pop over and say hi... 

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