Fabric Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial

Fabric Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial

Published by Louise & Rachel on 21st Nov 2020

Rachel has designed a lovely fabric wine bottle gift bag which can also be changed to a smaller fabric gift bag. Perfect for making and giving as Christmas gifts. Who doesn't love a bottle of wine as a gift! It can also be used for other bottles eg wine and vinegars for a foodie or fill a smaller version with chocolates for a child. They can be decorated in so many different ways. We have done a step by step photo tutorial below with a little 'how to' overview video on the You Tube Channel. You can buy the pattern as a download on the Sew Scrumptious website for £2.50.

You will need

Pattern - can be downloaded HERE

2 FQ's of cotton fabric 

Iron on Interfacing - We used Vlieseline H250

Useful Info

Download and print your pattern pieces on to A4 paper. Remember to print to 'actual size' and measure the test box for size.

Pattern A - Bag Piece - 2 parts - match up the dotted lines and Sellotape before cutting around the whole outline. Cut out and remove the squares in the 2 bottom corners.

Pattern B - Handle Piece - You will need to cut fabric on the fold as specified.

Use a 1cm seam allowance

The main fabric and lining fabric swap in the pattern so we have called them Fabric 1 (Patterned) and Fabric 2 (Stars). If you have a directional print you need to bear this in mind as the pattern may end up upside down on the side of the handle. (Not so important if used in the lining of the handle where it is less noticeable)


Cut out 2 x Pattern A from Fabric 1 (Patterned)

Cut out 2 x Pattern A from Fabric 2 (Stars)

Cut out 2 x Pattern A from Interfacing

Cut 1 x Pattern B from Fabric 1 (Patterned)

Cut 1 x Pattern B from Fabric 2 (Stars)

Iron interfacing (shiny side down) to the back of the fabric that will be the lining of the main bag (Fabric 2 - Stars) in our case)

Pin handle pieces right sides together and sew along both the shaped edges leaving the short straight edges open. 

Trim corners and clip curved edges. Repeat on both sides. Turn inside out and press.

Top stitch around the curved sides - Optional but looks nice! Remember that the 'main fabric' for the top of the gift bag is the same as the 'lining fabric' of the main bag. Its easy to get confused!

Centre the straight edge of the handle right side down (Fabric 2 - Stars) to the right side of the end straight edge of the non interfaced Pattern Piece A - Fabric 1 (patterned). You should have a 1cm gap at either end.

Match and pin the end straight edge of the interfaced lining fabric right side down to the non interfaced piece sandwiching the handle between the two. Sew together along the straight edge.

Repeat with the other end of the handle and remaining 2 bag pieces

Press seam open. Repeat for other side.

Fold handle corner back and pin. This helps stop them getting caught when you sew the side seams.

Match the seams and pin along the side seams. Stitch on both sides.

Press side seams open. Rachel has a fancy ironing thing especially for ironing sleeves etc but you don't need this!

Pin short edges of the bottom of the non interfaced bag together.and sew

To make the bag 'stand'  - match a side seam to corresponding bottom seam, pin then sew together. Repeat for other side

Turn out through open end.

Sew interfaced end of bag as above but as the seams for the lining will show in the lining of the bag, trim and neaten with a zig zag stitch. Sew the bottom first and neaten and then the side seams to the bottom as above. We have used a contrast thread to show up on the photos. You should use a coordinating thread if possible.

Take out the pins at the top of the bag. Turn right side out, push the lining into the corners so sitting neatly and press.

Fill with goodies (wine!) and give to a friend or loved one.


You can applique any design to the bag. We suggest you do this before constructing the bag, 

Add festive ribbons for a lovely Christmasy look

You can shorten the pattern to make a smaller bag for chocolates etc. We have marked this on the downloadable pattern for you.

These gift bags can be themed for Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc as needed. They are reusable and can be used again and again. 

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